Colon Cancer – “most preventable cancer”

This month is Colo-rectal Cancer Awareness Month! Why is colon cancer the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in the US when early detection leads to a cure in 90% of cases?? Because only 1 in 3 who should get screened actually get it done. Are there symptoms? Who’s at risk? How simple is the screening test? Dr Jim answers these questions and more. Listen now…

Background information for this episode provided by Dr Ron Adamany and his nursing staff (thanks Kate Kamel, RN).

The Choking Game – what every parent needs to know

Give Dr Jim seven and a half minutes and you’ll get everything you need to know about this deadly trend among teens. One study actually showed that in the early teen years, deaths from the choking game outnumbered suicide by strangulation. How do I talk about this with my kids? What signs do I look for? Listen now for these answers…

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Travel Health – stay healthy and enjoy your vacation

How do I prepare for a trip? Do I need immunizations? What first aid items should I bring? How can I prevent illness while on vacation? What do I do if my family member or I become sick or injured while traveling?

Dr Jim answers these questions and more. Don’t forget to subscribe using the buttons to the right! Listen now…

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The True about the Flu – Influenza Myths and Facts

This episode, Dr Jim debunks many common myths about the flu. He gives you accurate info on how to prevent the flu and treat yourself or your family if you get sick.

When is it too late to get the flu shot? Can the vaccine give me influenza? Is there any treatment if my kids or I get the flu? Is the vaccine safe during pregnancy? For answers to these questions and much more, listen now…

Diabulimia – Diabetes and Eating Disorders

This episode Dr Jim talks about diabetes. Specifically, a new eating disorder called ‘diabulimia’ which has appeared with alarming frequency, especially among diabetic teens. Find out the right questions to ask to uncover this potentially deadly disorder.

Also, Dr Jim speaks with an incredible brother-sister team, Martha and Rudy Barroso, who have developed a fun way for kids to learn more about diabetes while playing a game. Hear Martha describe her experience as a diabetic, helping others learn about the disease. Buy the game today at Future Focus.

Caffeine Increases Miscarriage Risk – says one study

Dr Jim takes aim at a recent study connecting caffeine intake to miscarriages. Is this true? Dr Jim reveals the true cause of most miscarriages and explains the strengths and weaknesses of this type of investigation.

Dr Jim also answers listener questions regarding bone healing, back pain, and a new acne treatment.  Listen now or download to listen on the road…

Dr Jim Answers Your Questions

This week Dr Jim discusses news articles and answers listeners’ questions. If you have a health related question, call now at 1877-Dr-Keany. In the news this week Dr Jim discusses the recent study showing Zetia had no positive impact on atherosclerotic plaque build up. Also he discusses the study on increase ER waiting times and sheds some light on the cause. Next he tells all about the new drug Libigel, touted as ‘Viagra for women.’

Dr Jim answers listener phone calls on the topics of lung cancer screening for a former smoker, advice on what to do with a ruptured silicone implant, and the topic of live liver donors and liver transplant. Listen now…

New Year’s Resolutions and Britney Spears

What could Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears possibly have to do with your New Year’s Resolutions? If you are a parent of a kid between 9 and 19… plenty! Just how abnormal are these kids, you may be shocked to learn that their experiences hit very close to home. Britney, a single parent trying to raise 2 young kids while struggling with problems of her own… Jamie Lynn, a teenage girl with an unplanned pregnancy. Is mom (Lynn Spears) really to blame for all this? What can we do as parents to protect our own kids? Re-assessing your relationship with your kids might be a top priority in 2008!

And for other resolutions such as weight loss, fitness, and stress reduction, I will give you a few key clues on how to succeed. If you can’t think of any resolutions for the year, we’ll also talk about some simple and painless ways to improve your health…

Cough and Cold Preps for Kids under fire by the FDA

For decades cough and cold medications have been marketed for our kids with the implication that they are ‘pediatrician recommended’ and that they are both safe and effective. The reality is that all 12 scientific studies conducted since 1985 on children under 12 found no difference from placebo. Are these ineffective medicine safe? The CDC recently released a 2 year study that found over 1500 ER visits related to cough and cold medications in children under 2 years of age. Today Dr Jim speaks with Dr Kenneth Kwon, a board certified pediatrician and Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at CHOC at Mission and University of California, Irvine Medical Center. Together, they will explore the real issues and tell you safe ways to treat your kids when they suffer from cold symptoms.

Holiday Heart – Surviving the holidays with your heart intact

Research shows that you are less likely to survive a heart attack during December and January than any other month of the year. In this episode, hear why that is true and what you can do to improve your chances of survival.

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