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Universal Flu Vaccine

universal flu vaccineWhat if we had a flu vaccine that didn’t need to be changed every year… a vaccine that would protect against all strains of flu? That is exactly what Dr Robert Belsche and his colleges at St. Louis University Center For Vaccine Development have been working on. Their research shows that immunity for multiple strains of influenza is possible with a single vaccine. What’s the significance of this for protection against worldwide pandemic flu? Will this protect us from Swine Flu… Bird Flu? Listen now as Dr Jim discusses these issues with Dr Belsche.

Swine Flu

Swine FluSwine flu is here. Cases are popping up from coast to coast. How serious is this? What are the symptoms? Who’s at risk? What can we do to treat swine flu? Can a pandemic or epidemic be averted? Today Dr Jim answers these questions and more. Listen now…

CDC website regarding Swine Flu

Adult Vaccines – R U up to date?

We spend so much time arguing about kids vaccines that we often forget about the adults. Okay, everyone knows about Tetanus shots and Influenza, some know about the Pneumonia vaccine. But do you know all 10 vaccines that should be kept up to date in adults? Listen now to find out…

Useful link:
CDC recommendations for Adult Vaccination for 07-08

The True about the Flu – Influenza Myths and Facts

This episode, Dr Jim debunks many common myths about the flu. He gives you accurate info on how to prevent the flu and treat yourself or your family if you get sick.

When is it too late to get the flu shot? Can the vaccine give me influenza? Is there any treatment if my kids or I get the flu? Is the vaccine safe during pregnancy? For answers to these questions and much more, listen now…