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Prostate Cancer Easier To Find Thanks To New Testing Strategies

Prostate cancer is hard to detect. Current testing only helps detect 70 percent of tumors. New tests may help raise that percentage. Listen in for more info.

Colon Cancer Is One Of The Most Preventable Cancers

Colon cancer is a leading cause of death, yet it is extremely preventable. If you are over fifty it is recommended that you get checked out.

Mammograms-Physician Experience Differs From Reccomendations

Routine mammograms recommendations are different depending on who you talk to. Listen in to see what the differences are, and which ones are best for you.

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Study Shows Cancer Treatments Differ Based On Region

Does geographical location correlate with the type of cancer treatment? A recent study shows that they do. Listen in for more information.

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Persistent Cough Deserves Attention

People tend to ignore their own coughing if they feel relatively healthy. But a persistent, nagging cough could be a sign of serious medical issues. Listen now to learn more.

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Diabetes Drug Reduces Cancer

The diabetes drug Metformin or Glucophage has been shown to reduce cancer rates by as much as 30%. Great news considering how cheap this drug is. But let’s not put everyone on it quite yet. Listen now.

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National Toxicology Expert on BPA

BPAFound in everything from baby bottles to contact lenses, tooth sealants to soda can linings, Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical component of plastics… used to make them more resilient. The chemical is a recognized hormone disruptor, and specifically appears to disrupt estrogen pathways in the body. Recent studies have raised concerns about a potential link between BPA and cancers of the prostate and breast, as well as obesity.

Today, Dr Jim speaks with Dr. Retha Newbold, developmental reproductive biologist for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences regarding her concerns for human risk with BPA exposure.

Do Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors?

Brain TumorMuch has been made about the potential link between cellphones and brain tumors. Of 19 scientific studies on the subject, 4 show a very weak association. Most scientists believe that the potential for harm is extremely low. But with nearly everyone talking on a cell phone these days, we thought we’d go to the source. This episode Dr Jim interviews Dr Otis Brawley from the American Cancer Society. Their mission is to prevent cancer. Are they sounding the alarm on cell phones? Listen now to learn more…