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Persistent Cough Deserves Attention

People tend to ignore their own coughing if they feel relatively healthy. But a persistent, nagging cough could be a sign of serious medical issues. Listen now to learn more.

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Stroke Survival Differs by Day of Week

You can’t choose when to have a stroke or heart attack. The best thing you can do is get help immediately. While the press is discouraged by this study, I am encouraged. Find out why in 60 seconds.

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Osteoporosis Drug May Heal Fractures

medical costWhat if a drug could stimulate your body’s own cells to mend a stubborn fracture that refuses to heal and leaves you with poor function and debilitating pain? That’s exactly what a group of Orthopedic specialists at Univ of Rochester noticed in their patients on a next generation of osteoporosis drug called Forteo. Fosomax, Boniva, Actonel, Reclast all work by slowing bone loss. Forteo, acts by stimulating the cells that create new bone. Still the expense and potential side effects of this new drug will keep it on the back burner as a 3rd line treatment. But for a select group of patients, this medication may hold promise for both osteoporosis refractory to standard treatment and for fractures that just won’t heal.

Today we will speak with Dr Susan Bukata, Director and Associate Professor for the Center for Bone health at the University of Rochester Medical Center and board certified orthopedic surgeon.

8 Ways to Save Your Healthcare Dollars

medical cost The expense of healthcare in America is out of control… one issue that almost everyone agrees on. It’s bad enough in prosperous times, but as the economy sours, the choice between necessities like food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare become real for many Americans. Today, Dr Jim we will discuss 8 simple strategies to reduce your healthcare costs and save those dollars for your other necessities of live.

Happy New Year’s Resolution!

New Years Let’s face it, the most beneficial New Year’s resolutions are the biggest chore. Well motivated promises to quit smoking, lose weight, get more exercise are often broken by the end of the first week. Today, Dr Jim will give you 7 easy resolutions to choose from that can have a huge health benefit for very little effort on your part. If better health is your aim for 2009, then this is your show!

HERE is the ergonomics website Dr Jim mentions in this episode.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Healthbuzz Podcast!!

Pneumonia Vaccine Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

heart attack vaccine
Headlines say that a simple pneumonia vaccine can reduce your risk of heart attack by 50%. If this true or have the media incorrectly interpreted the data?? Dr Jim sorts out fact from the myth. Listen now…

HERE is an excellent video showing what happens during a heart attack.

Navigating Gender Differences

Tell men directions and give women landmarks. That’s the upshot of a study in the Journal of Behavioral Neuroscience. Research shows a clear difference in how gender affects our ability to process directions. So testosterone affects our brains in this way too? Dr Jim explains…

Tim Russert and Sudden Cardiac Death

For 1/3rd of heart attack victims, sudden death is the first symptom that something is wrong. But there are clues and factors you can control to reduce your risk. Today Dr Jim talks about the clues, controlling risk factors and explains the process of a heart attack.

Could an automatic external defibrillator, or AED, have saved Tim Russert’s life? Listen now to hear Dr Jim’s opinion…