Dec 31

New Years┬áLet’s face it, the most beneficial New Year’s resolutions are the biggest chore. Well motivated promises to quit smoking, lose weight, get more exercise are often broken by the end of the first week. Today, Dr Jim will give you 7 easy resolutions to choose from that can have a huge health benefit for very little effort on your part. If better health is your aim for 2009, then this is your show!

HERE is the ergonomics website Dr Jim mentions in this episode.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Healthbuzz Podcast!!

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Sep 30

Fast food is becoming a staple for more an more people as we try and do more with less time and less money. Web MD lists their best and worst fast food breakfasts served up by popular fast food chains. Dr Jim discusses the significance of the choices now…

For a really healthy and tasty breakfast, check out THIS recipe from my friend Dr John La Puma.

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