Dr. Jim Bio

When it comes to quick and accurate medical information, Dr Jim Keany is the real deal. As a working Emergency Physician, Dr Jim is up on the latest information to keep you healthy and out of the ER. Dr Jim can be heard regularly as a guest on the top rated “Bill Handel Show” mornings on KFI 640am Los Angeles.

Dr Jim Keany is a board certified emergency physician practicing in Orange County, California. He currently works as Associate Medical Director at Mission Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Orange County, at Mission. He formerly taught medical students and residents as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center. In addition, Dr Jim¬†¬†served as medical director for JetWest International Air Ambulance for over 10 years, transporting critically ill patients from every corner of the globe. He currently serves on Orange County’s Disaster Medical Assistance Team, under the direction of FEMA.

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