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Persistent Cough Deserves Attention

People tend to ignore their own coughing if they feel relatively healthy. But a persistent, nagging cough could be a sign of serious medical issues. Listen now to learn more.

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Hospitalized Elderly at Highest Risk

Hospitals are like freeways. They are dangerous places but very useful when you need them. Both places are not safe to hang out unless you need to be there. Sometimes the risk just can’t be avoided. What can you do to reduce your chance of a bad outcome while hospitalized? Listen now!

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Healthcare Reform – I don’t see it yet

Don’t get me wrong, I am in favor of universal healthcare. But right now it is a sinking ship and all we are doing is rearranging the furniture. Listen today for why I believe doctors need to take the lead here.

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Controlling Mothers – Kids Eating Disorder?

Mothers certainly have the potential to greatly influence their kids’ eating patterns. But today, we look at a study that can be interpreted many different ways. I am not sure why the authors chose to slam mom on this one…

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