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A Good Night’s Sleep Can Save Your Life

Sleeping is one of the most important things that you can do to revitalize your body. Without it you could be putting yourself at risk for cardiovascular problems. Listen in to find out more.

Why And How Does Excercise Benefit Our Hearts?

Most people would not know why exercise does in fact benefit heart health. Stay uninformed no longer! Listen now.

When Does High Blood Pressure Become Dangerous?

High blood pressure damages your organs and heart, leading to stroke and heart attacks later in life. When should you be worried? And what should you do?

Having Asthma Education Can Help Reduce The Number of ER Visits

Knowing about asthma, and it’s signs could help you avoid those late night ER visits. Get educated and save your hard earned time and money.

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Is Your Child At Risk For Sudden Cardiac Death?

An enlarged heart is a silent heart problem which is most times not found until it is too late. If you are worried about sudden cardiac death, take a moment to listen to our podcast. It could save you or your child.

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Stroke Survival Differs by Day of Week

You can’t choose when to have a stroke or heart attack. The best thing you can do is get help immediately. While the press is discouraged by this study, I am encouraged. Find out why in 60 seconds.

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Government Imposed Salt Restriction

Since we pay for each others health sins in the form of higher medical insurance premiums, should the government regulate your ability to transgress? After all, they are the largest payer. Today we look at proposed government regulation of salt content in processed foods.

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Pneumonia Vaccine Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

heart attack vaccine
Headlines say that a simple pneumonia vaccine can reduce your risk of heart attack by 50%. If this true or have the media incorrectly interpreted the data?? Dr Jim sorts out fact from the myth. Listen now…

HERE is an excellent video showing what happens during a heart attack.