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Osteoporosis Drugs Safer Than Initially Believed

Osteoporosis drugs have been over-criticized. After market research shows a different outcome, than the one initially projected.

Osteoporosis Drug May Heal Fractures

medical costWhat if a drug could stimulate your body’s own cells to mend a stubborn fracture that refuses to heal and leaves you with poor function and debilitating pain? That’s exactly what a group of Orthopedic specialists at Univ of Rochester noticed in their patients on a next generation of osteoporosis drug called Forteo. Fosomax, Boniva, Actonel, Reclast all work by slowing bone loss. Forteo, acts by stimulating the cells that create new bone. Still the expense and potential side effects of this new drug will keep it on the back burner as a 3rd line treatment. But for a select group of patients, this medication may hold promise for both osteoporosis refractory to standard treatment and for fractures that just won’t heal.

Today we will speak with Dr Susan Bukata, Director and Associate Professor for the Center for Bone health at the University of Rochester Medical Center and board certified orthopedic surgeon.

Fosamax and Irregular Heart Beat

Are you worried about osteoporosis? Do you already have osteoporosis? What if the treatment only stopped one fracture for every 100 women treated for 3 years. Would you still endure the risk, the expense, and the side effects? Does that sound like a highly effective drug to you? Listen now to hear Dr Jim’s opinion on Fosamax and the newly discovered risk…

HERE is an interesting medical video showing atrial fibrillation in great detail.

Gymnastics Injuries

A first-of-its-kind study out today shows that over 26,000 kids a year are brought to US emergency rooms with sports injuries related to gymnastics. 80% of these injuries are girls.

Protect your child from joining these statistics, listen now to learn how…

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