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Heartburn – Real Disease or Bad Behavior

Heartburn can be a sign of serious medical issues, like heart attack, torn aorta or bleeding ulcer. But assuming those diagnosis have been ruled out, can we really call heartburn a disease? Or is it just the result of bad behavior? Listen now for my opinion (as a fellow sufferer).

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Let’s Talk Turkey… and Holiday Food Safety

foodsafetyIt’s a Black Friday of a different sort… running for a toilet every 15 minutes. You’ve been bitten by the food borne illness bug, aka- food poisoning.  A few simple steps can help you avoid food borne illness, but still allow you to enjoy those Turkey Day leftovers. Listen now to learn more…

Also check out the: USDA Food Safety and Inspection Website

Or US Food for the latest recalls and alerts.

Salmonella and Tomato Recall

What no tomatoes?! How do I eat Mexican food without salsa? There are some tomatoes that have not been recalled. Which ones are safe?

What is Salmonella? No, it has no relation to salmon. What precautions can I take to avoid this disease? What are the symptoms of Salmonellosis?

Listen now for the answer to those questions and more…

Useful websites:
CDC – Salmonellosis
USDA Food Safety

Colon Cancer – “most preventable cancer”

This month is Colo-rectal Cancer Awareness Month! Why is colon cancer the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in the US when early detection leads to a cure in 90% of cases?? Because only 1 in 3 who should get screened actually get it done. Are there symptoms? Who’s at risk? How simple is the screening test? Dr Jim answers these questions and more. Listen now…

Background information for this episode provided by Dr Ron Adamany and his nursing staff (thanks Kate Kamel, RN).