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Mixing Antibiotics And Blood Pressure Medications May Have A Dangerous Interaction

Mixing certain antibiotics and blood pressure medications may be deadly. This is relatively new information so your doctor may not know about this interaction. Listen in for more details to ensure your safety.


Radiation Dangers From Japanese Tsunami

The tsunami in Japan severely affected the nuclear reactors in Japan. As long as the damage is controlled the U.S should be fine. Listen in to find out the details and threats posed by the Tsunami.

Osteoporosis Drugs Safer Than Initially Believed

Osteoporosis drugs have been over-criticized. After market research shows a different outcome, than the one initially projected.

Is Tylenol Safe for Kids?

Is Acetaminophen or Tylenol safe for kids, especially when you have to use it repeated for days during a cold that may last more than a week. Listen now for the latest research and my opinion on the study.

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Let’s Talk Turkey… and Holiday Food Safety

foodsafetyIt’s a Black Friday of a different sort… running for a toilet every 15 minutes. You’ve been bitten by the food borne illness bug, aka- food poisoning.  A few simple steps can help you avoid food borne illness, but still allow you to enjoy those Turkey Day leftovers. Listen now to learn more…

Also check out the: USDA Food Safety and Inspection Website

Or US Food for the latest recalls and alerts.

Microwave Oven Safety and Kids

microwave ovenWe reach into the microwave with our bare hands and pull out piping hot food on a daily basis. You’d never do that on a stove-top or oven. No wonder kids don’t necessarily understand the risk. Today Dr Jim discusses the surprising findings of a recent study on burns in children associated with microwave ovens.

New JAMA study on BPA

RecycleHERE is the original talk on this subject last April. 

A new study on BPA in plastics increases the concern that this chemical may be associated with health problems in humans. While the study DOES NOT show that BPA is the cause of these disease states, it does raise the warning flag. This should be enough evidence to prompt real investigations into this chemical. Consider that 95% of us have this in our systems.

Bottom line – I would not change my habits if I drank the occasional soda or bottle water. But if you are drinking more than one a day, you may want to rethink your drinking habits. Remember, cans are lined with this stuff too. If I had babies, I would switch back to glass or find the BPA free baby bottle now available.