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Cell Phones, Hybrid Cars, And TV A Threat?-Electromagnetic Radiation

Are power lines, cell phones, and TVs a source for cancer? Electromagnetic radiation does cause activity changes in the brain, but how dangerous are they? Listen to our podcast to find out.

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National Toxicology Expert on BPA

BPAFound in everything from baby bottles to contact lenses, tooth sealants to soda can linings, Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical component of plastics… used to make them more resilient. The chemical is a recognized hormone disruptor, and specifically appears to disrupt estrogen pathways in the body. Recent studies have raised concerns about a potential link between BPA and cancers of the prostate and breast, as well as obesity.

Today, Dr Jim speaks with Dr. Retha Newbold, developmental reproductive biologist for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences regarding her concerns for human risk with BPA exposure.

Let’s Talk Turkey… and Holiday Food Safety

foodsafetyIt’s a Black Friday of a different sort… running for a toilet every 15 minutes. You’ve been bitten by the food borne illness bug, aka- food poisoning.  A few simple steps can help you avoid food borne illness, but still allow you to enjoy those Turkey Day leftovers. Listen now to learn more…

Also check out the: USDA Food Safety and Inspection Website

Or US Food for the latest recalls and alerts.

Do Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors?

Brain TumorMuch has been made about the potential link between cellphones and brain tumors. Of 19 scientific studies on the subject, 4 show a very weak association. Most scientists believe that the potential for harm is extremely low. But with nearly everyone talking on a cell phone these days, we thought we’d go to the source. This episode Dr Jim interviews Dr Otis Brawley from the American Cancer Society. Their mission is to prevent cancer. Are they sounding the alarm on cell phones? Listen now to learn more…

New JAMA study on BPA

RecycleHERE is the original talk on this subject last April. 

A new study on BPA in plastics increases the concern that this chemical may be associated with health problems in humans. While the study DOES NOT show that BPA is the cause of these disease states, it does raise the warning flag. This should be enough evidence to prompt real investigations into this chemical. Consider that 95% of us have this in our systems.

Bottom line – I would not change my habits if I drank the occasional soda or bottle water. But if you are drinking more than one a day, you may want to rethink your drinking habits. Remember, cans are lined with this stuff too. If I had babies, I would switch back to glass or find the BPA free baby bottle now available.

Health Risk of Hybrid Vehicles?

Urban legend or legitimate health concern? That’s what Dr Jim explores today after interviewing an expert in the field of Electromagnetic Radiation or EMF. A recent article in the NY Times titled “Fear but Few Facts” sounded this alarm. Dr Jim interviews Dr Robert Goldberg (a real doctor/PhD) who presents the true data as we know it today, so you can decide for yourself.

Dr Goldberg’s website HERE
More info HERE

Heat Related Illness

With the summer comes heat and humidity. Today Dr. Jim talks about heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. How can you avoid these problems? What to do if you recognize the early warning signs? Every high school coach and elder care taker should hear this episode. Listen now, then forward it to your coach or elder care facility director!

Salmonella and Tomato Recall

What no tomatoes?! How do I eat Mexican food without salsa? There are some tomatoes that have not been recalled. Which ones are safe?

What is Salmonella? No, it has no relation to salmon. What precautions can I take to avoid this disease? What are the symptoms of Salmonellosis?

Listen now for the answer to those questions and more…

Useful websites:
CDC – Salmonellosis
USDA Food Safety

Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby Mama, the movie, a strange place to learn about child safety. In the movie they hire a professional service to baby proof the home.  Each day, 1 child under 5 years old is seriously injured. Each month, 2 die as a result of injury. So what to do? Most of us don’t have that kind of extra cash laying around to hire professionals. Does that make you a bad parent? Can you accomplish this yourself? Get Dr Jim’s opinion on the subject. Listen now…

Useful Website for the Do-it-yourself-er:
Injury Prevention
Safe Kids USA 
Childrens Hospital Orange County

Recent OC Register article quoting Dr Jim on this subject

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Is bottled water safe? The latest buzz on Bis-phenol A

RecycleBPA (or Bis-phenol A) is a chemical in plastics which can leach out of the plastic containers into the food products we eat. Previous studies showing precancerous tumors, urinary tract problems and early puberty were disregarded because the researchers injected the chemical into rats rather than feeding it to them. But the federal National Toxicology Program has changed their stance on those studies and is now asking the FDA to reconsider the safety of BPA.  Hear Dr Jim’s take on this issue now…