Cell Phones, Hybrid Cars, And TV A Threat?-Electromagnetic Radiation

Are power lines, cell phones, and TVs a source for cancer? Electromagnetic radiation does cause activity changes in the brain, but how dangerous are they? Listen to our podcast to find out.

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5 thoughts on “Cell Phones, Hybrid Cars, And TV A Threat?-Electromagnetic Radiation”

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  2. There’s been some evidence that children living near power lines, have a higher incidence of developing leukemia than those that aren’t.

    Cows and other grazing animals align themselves NORTH-SOUTH, except near power-lines, where they’re internal compass gets out of whack.

    People also swear they feel differently when using magnet rings, or magnet mattress pads for pain management…

    I think there is measurable change when using magnets or being exposed to em-fields (power lines, cell-phones, etc), the big question that needs to be addressed in studies, is whether or not these effects are positive!

  3. All true. The leukemia association is weak and only in studies that look at incidence relative to powerline map overlays. Studies that actually measure EMR in the home, show no increase in leukemia. It is possible to sleep next to a heavily used electrical line inside the home and receive more EMR than someone sleeping in a home near a powerline. So, the meaning of the leukemia findings is uncertain.

    As far as magnets… at this stage it would be a little like opening up your iPod and randomly connecting a few extra wires thinking it will make it sound better. You might help, but then again you might not.

    This is where many medical treatments start. But you need some rationale for why you think it might work… a hypothesis. In the case of magnets, the hypothesis involves realignment of “energy pathways” that have never been proven to exist. That doesn’t mean they are not there. Just means you are that much further out on a thinly supported limb.

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