Health Risk of Hybrid Vehicles?

Urban legend or legitimate health concern? That’s what Dr Jim explores today after interviewing an expert in the field of Electromagnetic Radiation or EMF. A recent article in the NY Times titled “Fear but Few Facts” sounded this alarm. Dr Jim¬†interviews¬†Dr Robert Goldberg (a real doctor/PhD) who presents the true data as we know it today, so you can decide for yourself.

Dr Goldberg’s website HERE
More info HERE

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3 thoughts on “Health Risk of Hybrid Vehicles?”

  1. Dr. Jim This is Cousin Bridget from VA = I have a ford Hybrid and I have two girls and I have had the SUV for 4 years now….. my girls are ok right? I had never heard that this would be a problem….

  2. Hey Bridget!

    Thanks for listening. Your girls are fine. There is currently no research specific to hybrid vehicles. But taking the best info available, I would not be concerned.

    BTW, I’d love to see the latest pictures of your family:


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