Heat Related Illness

With the summer comes heat and humidity. Today Dr. Jim talks about heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. How can you avoid these problems? What to do if you recognize the early warning signs? Every high school coach and elder care taker should hear this episode. Listen now, then forward it to your coach or elder care facility director!

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One thought on “Heat Related Illness”

  1. Check out this article in USA Today

    Heat waves lack the dramatic destruction of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes, but at 8,015 deaths, heat has killed more people in the U.S. than all those other weather events combined in the 24-year period ending in 2003, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    “It’s sort of been the quiet killer for many years,” said Tony Haffer, meteorologist in charge for the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

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