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A Good Night’s Sleep Can Save Your Life

Sleeping is one of the most important things that you can do to revitalize your body. Without it you could be putting yourself at risk for cardiovascular problems. Listen in to find out more.

Surgeons: Drinking The Day Before May Impair You The Next Day

A new study shows how the doctors personal habits the night BEFORE surgery could impact your results. Listen now.

Video Games May Have Positive Effects

Parents worry that video games just waste time. While appropriate balance is always important in life, You may be surprised at the positive effects of video games. Listen in to find out more.

Buyer Beware: Are Supplements Supplemental?

Think about the word… supplement. Salt supplements popcorn. It doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. Yet that simple word has come to be synonymous with good health. We’ve had offers to sell supplements here, but refuse to RIP-OFF our listener. Listen in to find out the truth.

Are Tangerines A Health Miracle?

Tangerines may help us develop the next miracle drug. Preventing major health risks such as diabetes, and heart disease. Listen in to find out more!


Judging Foods Based On Their Labels. The Right Thing To Do?

People are clearly attracted to foods based on labeling. The latest trend has been to use the word ‘organic.’ ┬áBut is organic healthier than non-organic, or just a ploy to get you to buy? Listen to find out more about foods and their labels.

Do Food Additives Cause Hyper Active Behavior?

Food additives may be causing hyper activity in children. Listen in to find out more about this recent concrete study.

Alcoholics Uniformly Fail To Recognize Their Problem

Only one percent of alcoholics believe that they can be helped by alcohol rehab. Listen in if you think someone you know may have a drinking problem.

Can Yoga Help Cure Arrythmia?

Yoga may help solve A-fib, a potentially deadly heart rhythm. Listen in to find out more.