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Emergency Room Visits Only Account For 3% Of American Health Care Money

The ER has been thought to be a waste of finances, however the opposite is true. Listen in for more details on why.

Colon Cancer Is One Of The Most Preventable Cancers

Colon cancer is a leading cause of death, yet it is extremely preventable. If you are over fifty it is recommended that you get checked out.

Mixing Antibiotics And Blood Pressure Medications May Have A Dangerous Interaction

Mixing certain antibiotics and blood pressure medications may be deadly. This is relatively new information so your doctor may not know about this interaction. Listen in for more details to ensure your safety.


Mammograms-Physician Experience Differs From Reccomendations

Routine mammograms recommendations are different depending on who you talk to. Listen in to see what the differences are, and which ones are best for you.

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Hall Pass Actually Real? Allowing Your Husband To Have A Week Off May Help Your Relationship

The movie “Hall Pass” isn’t such a far fetched Hollywood dream plot. It is actually used to enhance marriages. Listen in for more details.

New “Legal Drugs” Being Abused Throughout The Nation

Designer drugs are made by chemist to get people high, legally. The latest one is a bath salt called ivory wave. Listen in to learn more about this dangerous “bath salt.”

Premenstrual Syndrome Could Be Treated With A Simple Diet Change

Studies show that 1 in 6 women suffer from PMS. There may finally be a cure. Listen in to find out more.Like our podcasts? Subscribe on iTunes. Click the like button at the bottom of this post to let your friends know about our podcasts.

Radiation Dangers From Japanese Tsunami

The tsunami in Japan severely affected the nuclear reactors in Japan. As long as the damage is controlled the U.S should be fine. Listen in to find out the details and threats posed by the Tsunami.

Is Bipolar Disorder Under-diagnosed? Is Charlie Sheen An Example Of This?

Mental disorders are under-diagnosed in the U.S. Bipolar disorder is a serious condition, listen in to findĀ  out more.

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