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Off Label Cosmetic Filler Use – Dangerous?

cosmetic fillerMillions of women have found relatively inexpensive ways to stave off the middle aged blues without the risk and expense of cosmetic surgery. Botox and injectable fillers have changed the landscape of cosmetic procedures. But wait… the FDA never approved one of the most popular uses for these fillers… plumping up lips. In fact, their web site advises against it.   Today Dr Jim interviews Dr James Heinrich, medical Director of the Pacific Coast Cosmetic and Laser Medical Center regarding this issue.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – No Lump, Often Misdiagnosed

breast cancer awareness ribbonDid you know that you can have advanced breast cancer with no lump and a normal mammogram? This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dr Jim has chosen to focus on Inflammatory Breast Cancer. If you’ve been diagnosed with mastitis, you need to hear this report! If you have breasts, you need to hear this report! If you know someone with breasts… listen up…

Caffeine Increases Miscarriage Risk – says one study

Dr Jim takes aim at a recent study connecting caffeine intake to miscarriages. Is this true? Dr Jim reveals the true cause of most miscarriages and explains the strengths and weaknesses of this type of investigation.

Dr Jim also answers listener questions regarding bone healing, back pain, and a new acne treatment.  Listen now or download to listen on the road…