Holiday Heart – Surviving the holidays with your heart intact

Research shows that you are less likely to survive a heart attack during December and January than any other month of the year. In this episode, hear why that is true and what you can do to improve your chances of survival.

Dennis Quaid’s Twins – Medication Error Nightmare

TMZ is reporting that Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins are fighting for their lives after being inadvertently overdosed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The newborns, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, were accidentally given a massive dose of Heparin, a blood thinner used to flush IV lines and prevent clots. Babies typically get 10 units. TMZ reports they were each mistakenly given 10,000 units. They further report that as many as 13 babies may have been given the higher concentration medication.

How could this happen? What affect will this have on the babies involved?  To learn more, listen now…

MRSA – The Super Bug Epidemic

You hear it in the news and your neighbors are all talking about this super bacteria, MRSA, running rampant among our school children and athletes. What is it?  How do you avoid it? Can we kill it? What’s your real risk?  For answers to these questions and more listen now…

Obesity, Nutrition, and Cancer Prevention

I decided on a monologue this week. With this sudden flurry of studies released dealing with cancer risk, we need to get to the bottom of it all. What is really helpful and harmful based on these latest studies? The nightly news won’t tell you, because they don’t even read the study before reporting. Listen now to find out what it all really means…

Cardiac CT Scan – Virtual Angiogram?

Dr Jim speaks with Dr Greg Thomas, cardiologist and local expert in the use of CT scan imaging of the heart. This exciting new technology may allow doctors to see blockages in coronary arteries without the risk of invasive procedures. But what about the risk of radiation? Listen now to find out…

The New HPV Vaccine – Gardasil

Dr Jim asks his local OB/Gyn expert, Dr Leon Baginski, about the recently release HPV Vaccine. Dr Baginski discusses the importance of this new vaccine and how it may prevent many cases of cervical, penile, and oral cancers.

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