Government Imposed Salt Restriction

Since we pay for each others health sins in the form of higher medical insurance premiums, should the government regulate your ability to transgress? After all, they are the largest payer. Today we look at proposed government regulation of salt content in processed foods.

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2 thoughts on “Government Imposed Salt Restriction”

  1. I would have no problem with government regulating what is in food, if I trusted it’s decisions.

    Taking salt for example, except for a few small minority of people that are salt sensitive, salt restriction has virtually zero affect on most people.*

    Another example, is vilified cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol has very little affect on how much cholesterol your body produces. This is of course is to say nothing about the fact that correlation between cholesterol & heart disease is not causation. Still, given the opportunity the government would force fat-free on everyone.

    By contrast for example, how aspartame can still be on the market is ridiculous. (see Sweet Misery the documentary for the references). GMFs would also be a concern of mine.

    So in the end, when congress can literally be paid by lobbyists to pass or not pass regulation, I have zero trust in their making the right decisions.

    * “.. Dietary sodium restriction for older hypertensive individuals
    might be considered, but the evidence in the normotensive population
    does not support current recommendations for universal dietary sodium
    restriction. ”

    Salt and Blood Pressure: Conventional Wisdom Reconsidered:

    “There is no evidence that limiting NaCl consumption to 6 g/day, as
    recommended by a number of health agencies, poses any health risk.”

    “low-salt diets had virtually no effect on people with normal blood
    pressure, a vast majority of the population, and, at best, resulted in
    only a small drop in the systolic pressure of people with high blood

    “These results do not support a general recommendation to reduce sodium intake.”

  2. Great points Enliteneer!

    That’s so often the point that is missed if you are not paying attention. Results from one group don’t necessarily apply to another group. Salt clearly kills people with congestive heart failure, I see it every day. But we have no evidence that it causes heart failure. We have to be cautious when generalizing results. And today’s media distills information down to pre-digested bits of information that don’t allow us to really know if the latest study applies to us or not.

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