Healthcare Reform – I don’t see it yet

Don’t get me wrong, I am in favor of universal healthcare. But right now it is a sinking ship and all we are doing is rearranging the furniture. Listen today for why I believe doctors need to take the lead here.

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2 thoughts on “Healthcare Reform – I don’t see it yet”

  1. Like social security, the healthcare system is completely broken and unsustainable.

    Unfortunately, as healthcare consumers, we have no knowledge of the actual cost of things. the idea that you are entitled to free healthcare, just because the insurance is picking up the tab is crazy. If we had to pay for all medical services ourselves, we would quickly see people researching and shopping around… becoming much more active in their own healthcare, as it should be. In general, an educated, active public, would be much more apt in preventing disease, and wouldn’t take the words of a doctor as gospel, nor rush to see one every time the flu roles around.

    20/20 had a good piece along those lines:

    So what’s the solution? How do we get medical care costs under control? Unfortunately, when you have a country that is essentially broke, it limits the options.

    I would say most doctor visits could be handled by Registered Nurses if they were allowed to prescribe medicine. But with a rising shortage of nurses, I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

    Dying is sad, yet an inevitable part of life.. limiting end of life care is probably key to slowing down medical inflation. Unfortunately between lawyers and the taboo of death, no expense is spared to extend the life of a terminally ill patient by a few say nothing of the quality of life.

    Good segment on CBS about this not long ago..

    The real tragedy of course is the shrinking middle class.. any serious ailment will bankrupt you. In the end, probably just best to move to Sweden.

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