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Food Addiction? It May Just Be Possible

You’ve heard of drug addicts, then sex addicts… now FOOD addicts? Thanks to new MRI technology we can now view how the brain gets HOOKED on food. Listen in for more details.

Judging Foods Based On Their Labels. The Right Thing To Do?

People are clearly attracted to foods based on labeling. The latest trend has been to use the word ‘organic.’ ┬áBut is organic healthier than non-organic, or just a ploy to get you to buy? Listen to find out more about foods and their labels.

Do Food Additives Cause Hyper Active Behavior?

Food additives may be causing hyper activity in children. Listen in to find out more about this recent concrete study.

Children’s Desire To Eat Certain Things Correlates With How We Eat

Eating things with a smile, will encourage our children to eat those things. Listen in to discover how to encourage your children to eat their veggies.