Is Tetanus Still A Problem?

Thanks to the Tetanus vaccine we have been able to steadily decrease the amount of cases. Listen in to see how you can be sure to stay away form this harmful disease.

Prostate Cancer Easier To Find Thanks To New Testing Strategies

Prostate cancer is hard to detect. Current testing only helps detect 70 percent of tumors. New tests may help raise that percentage. Listen in for more info.

Why And How Does Excercise Benefit Our Hearts?

Most people would not know why exercise does in fact benefit heart health. Stay uninformed no longer! Listen now.

Airport Body Scanners Do Not Pose A Threat To Us

Data trends show that airport back scatter scanners do not pose a threat to the human body. There are far greater risks to be worried about. Listen in for the full story.

Children’s Desire To Eat Certain Things Correlates With How We Eat

Eating things with a smile, will encourage our children to eat those things. Listen in to discover how to encourage your children to eat their veggies.

When Does High Blood Pressure Become Dangerous?

High blood pressure damages your organs and heart, leading to stroke and heart attacks later in life. When should you be worried? And what should you do?

Car Seats Save Lives…When Can We Stop Using Them?

Using car seats for your children may be the difference between life and death. Listen in to find out until what age it is recommended your child uses a car seat.Car Seats Save Lives

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