Jan 05

Since we pay for each others health sins in the form of higher medical insurance premiums, should the government regulate your ability to transgress? After all, they are the largest payer. Today we look at proposed government regulation of salt content in processed foods.

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Sep 30

Fast food is becoming a staple for more an more people as we try and do more with less time and less money. Web MD lists their best and worst fast food breakfasts served up by popular fast food chains. Dr Jim discusses the significance of the choices now…

For a really healthy and tasty breakfast, check out THIS recipe from my friend Dr John La Puma.

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Jun 10

What no tomatoes?! How do I eat Mexican food without salsa? There are some tomatoes that have not been recalled. Which ones are safe?

What is Salmonella? No, it has no relation to salmon. What precautions can I take to avoid this disease? What are the symptoms of Salmonellosis?

Listen now for the answer to those questions and more…

Useful websites:
CDC – Salmonellosis
USDA Food Safety

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May 28

Do you look at your kitchen as a medicine chest? Dr John La Puma does. He’s the guru of culinary medicine, the art of preventing and treating disease through eating. Not satisfied with a rabbit food diet, Dr La Puma attending culinary school and is a professionally trained Chef in addition to a board certified Internist. Listen now to learn about this exciting field of health care….

Dr La Puma’s website
ChefMD where you can find tasty and healthy recepies and more
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May 07

What if teens really lived out the movie “Supersize Me”? Well it turns out that many do, to the detriment of their physical and emotional health. For many teens, this pattern of eating is even destroying interpersonal relationships. A recent study shows a 500% increase in pre-pregnancy diabetes among teens. If you’re a teen or the parent of one looking to open a conversation, this movie will get you talking…  All Jacked Up  Dr Jim listeners receive a 20% discount.   Listen now to learn how…

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Jan 28

This episode Dr Jim talks about diabetes. Specifically, a new eating disorder called ‘diabulimia’ which has appeared with alarming frequency, especially among diabetic teens. Find out the right questions to ask to uncover this potentially deadly disorder.

Also, Dr Jim speaks with an incredible brother-sister team, Martha and Rudy Barroso, who have developed a fun way for kids to learn more about diabetes while playing a game. Hear Martha describe her experience as a diabetic, helping others learn about the disease. Buy the game today at Future Focus.

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Jan 08

What could Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears possibly have to do with your New Year’s Resolutions? If you are a parent of a kid between 9 and 19… plenty! Just how abnormal are these kids, you may be shocked to learn that their experiences hit very close to home. Britney, a single parent trying to raise 2 young kids while struggling with problems of her own… Jamie Lynn, a teenage girl with an unplanned pregnancy. Is mom (Lynn Spears) really to blame for all this? What can we do as parents to protect our own kids? Re-assessing your relationship with your kids might be a top priority in 2008!

And for other resolutions such as weight loss, fitness, and stress reduction, I will give you a few key clues on how to succeed. If you can’t think of any resolutions for the year, we’ll also talk about some simple and painless ways to improve your health…

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Nov 07

I decided on a monologue this week. With this sudden flurry of studies released dealing with cancer risk, we need to get to the bottom of it all. What is really helpful and harmful based on these latest studies? The nightly news won’t tell you, because they don’t even read the study before reporting. Listen now to find out what it all really means…

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