4 thoughts on “Calcium/Vitamin D Deficiency”

  1. I don’t know too many people that work outdoors to get ~15 minutes of direct sunlight… I’d say I have an above average diet/exercise lifestyle, yet when I had my Vitamin D3- 25-OH tested ($50 at Canary Club) it was 19ng/ml! Scary, since I was hoping for 50ng/ml. Anyways, so unless your Houdini, not sure how anyone can assume they’re OK without a blood test.

    Bottom line is, with so much positive research*, that at the very least shows correlation, 6 cents a day for supplementing seems like pretty cheap insurance to me…

    the only real question in how much of this horomone is too much. Research on upper toxicity levels is pretty scarce, but according to this,


    it may be as high as, 300ng/ml.. and even with <=10,000 IU a day, your kidneys do a good job of regulating.

  2. All very true. Enliteneer makes a great point… the only way you will know if you are deficient is to be tested. And at this time, I think it is reasonable to have your Vitamin D level checked at least once. I have not seen any studies that would show a benefit of mass screening, but it sure makes sense on an individual level to check it.

    By the way, that is 15 minute per week of sun on just your hands. So, we are talking a VERY low bar for sun exposure, no need to work outdoors. People in northern latitudes, however, still won’t get enough.

    The point of this post is that there should not be the mass hysteria that the media would lead you to believe is true. Most people are just fine with absolutely no additional supplementation. But Enliteneer is correct, supplementation is cheap. Don’t waste money on expensive versions of the same chemical.

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