Universal Flu Vaccine

universal flu vaccineWhat if we had a flu vaccine that didn’t need to be changed every year… a vaccine that would protect against all strains of flu? That is exactly what Dr Robert Belsche and his colleges at St. Louis University Center For Vaccine Development have been working on. Their research shows that immunity for multiple strains of influenza is possible with a single vaccine. What’s the significance of this for protection against worldwide pandemic flu? Will this protect us from Swine Flu… Bird Flu? Listen now as Dr Jim discusses these issues with Dr Belsche.

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One thought on “Universal Flu Vaccine”

  1. Its interesting how the same flu virus can have much different levels of severity on different people.

    Never quite understood this, but ran across a recent NPR podcast that talks a little bit about this:

    Our immune system’s first reaction is to produce interferon, which tries to hold the virus at bay until the killer T-Cells arrive. The problem lies when the immune system over-reacts (cytokine storm) and all the immune system resources go to fight the virus leaving you exposed to bacterial threat (ex. bacterial pneumonia). That’s why if a flu persists, antibiotics are usually prescribed. It’s also mentioned the virus attacks a particular organ, then that could also lead to death.

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