Stress, Suicide, the Economy and You

StressThe American Psychological Association has published a report showing that stress is on the rise in America and women are bearing the brunt of it. ER visits for financially induced stress and suicide are on the rise. We hear news stories of suicide from a 45 year old father and husband in California to a 90 year old widow in Ohio. Recognize the symptoms of stress and learn to manage stress during these tough economic times. Listen now…

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3 thoughts on “Stress, Suicide, the Economy and You”

  1. I recently became a independent distributor and consumer of verve energy drink. i think it has helped my stress levels tremendously. The product is full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that help keep you balanced. I was wondering if you have heard of this product which is in the physicians desk reference as the only supplement recommended by them?

  2. o2Verve – I am truly happy that you are feeling better and do not want to take that away from you. So if it works and you can afford it, who am I to criticize. But since you asked… I will. If I had no morals, I could be a millionaire. A sucker is born every minute.

    Regarding Verve, in my opinion: expensive snake oil wrapped in a cheap multivitamin. Check the contents of Costco “Energy” Multivitamin supplement. Just as good or better in my opinion than Verve for vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and the ever-elusive “energy” component. And a day’s supply is 4 CENTS rather than a few dollars.

    In regard to the listing in Physicians Desk Reference (PDR): #1 I don’t believe it to be true, but perhaps the people at PDR have lost their minds and it is true. #2 PDR does not confer any legitimacy to any product listed. It is simply a compilation of FDA approved package inserts so I, as a physician, do not have to keep all those little tightly folded pieces of paper that come in your prescription bottle. I can find them all in one book. If Verve is making ANY HEALTH CLAIMS, I would imagine that there is an officer of the FDA that would be very interested in speaking with them. But as the producers of products with dubious claims know… the FDA is slow and they will have their millions before any official come knocking. Remember Airborne? Remember CortiSlim?

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